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2018.4.20: Factors in Play Regarding Alimony2018.4.3: Thinking About Self-Representation in Court?2018.3.12: What is a Simple Divorce?2018.2.28: Tax Changes That Will Impact Families Everywhere2018.2.20: Celebrity Divorce: Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux2018.2.5: New Regulation to be Aware of in 20182018.1.23: Leaving Children Unattended: A Change in the Florida Regulations2018.1.17: An Overview: The Basics of Adoption in the State of Florida2018.1.9: Tax Benefits for Same-Sex Couples2018.1.3: When is a Prenuptial Agreement Needed?2017.12.12: Steps in the Marriage Process2017.10.17: How Does a Positive Drug Test Impact Child Custody?2017.10.9: On the Tax Benefits of Marriage2017.9.27: Important Issues To Think About Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Divorce2017.8.31: Make Sure All Assets are on the Table2017.8.21: Groundbreaking Florida Divorce Law2017.7.31: Why Should Someone Get a Prenuptial Agreement?2017.7.24: Why Should Someone Use a Life Insurance Trust?2017.7.19: How is Debt Divided in a Divorce?2017.7.10: Tax Issues to Contemplate in a Divorce2017.7.3: The Gift Tax and the Estate2017.6.26: How to Comfort Children of a Divorce2017.6.19: What's The Estate Tax?2017.6.17: Factors Considered in an Adoption Petition2017.6.7: What Happens To A Family Business in a Divorce2017.5.3: Ending A Marriage: Differences Between Divorce and Annulment2017.4.28: The Differences Between Marital and Non-Marital Assets2017.4.17: How Child Custody Impacts Moving To A Different City2017.4.3: The Benefits of Hiring A Family Law Attorney to Handle Your Divorce2017.3.20: Avoid Financial Catastrophe in Divorce2017.3.13: Grandparents Have an Important Role with Children During Divorce2017.3.7: Tips for a Successful Remarriage2017.2.27: Keep the Other Parent Involved in a Divorce2017.2.23: Lessons From Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Split2017.2.13: Moving & Child Custody2017.2.7: Qualities to Look For In A Divorce Lawyer2017.2.2: What To Do When Child Support Payments are Missed2017.1.16: Child Custody Tips2017.1.9: Truth or Consequences (Spanish)2016.12.27: Our Philosophy at Vilar Law2016.12.12: 3 Practical Tips for Parents In An On-Going Divorce2016.12.5: 9 Common Mistakes Made By Divorced Parents While Raising Their Children2016.11.28: First to File: Are There Legal Reasons You Should File for Divorce First?2016.11.21: The Matter of Child Support in Divorce Cases2016.11.14: Five Myths Related to Divorce2016.11.07: Pros and Cons of Pre-Nuptial Agreements2016.06.01: Florida's Position on the Rights & Responsibilities of Sperm or Egg Donors2016.05.25: Same Sex Marriage Also Allows Relief to Same Sex Couples Wanting a Divorce2013.05.13: Florida Governor Scott Vetoes Bill That Would Have Ended Permanent Alimony2013.04.29: Oil Tycoon's Divorce Demonstrates Why Prenuptial Agreements Are Important for Couples in Florida and Across the Nation2013.04.24: Divorcing Couples in Florida Should be Careful When Using Social Media or Other Electronic Communication2013.04.19: Permanent Alimony Ban Moves Forward in Florida Legislature2013.04.08: Divorced Parents in Florida Should Work Together to Engage in Effective Co-Parenting2013.03.26: Supreme Court Decision in Two Challenges to Same-Sex Marriage Bans Could Affect Florida Residents2013.03.22: So-Called 'Anti-Sharia' Bill Approved by Florida Senate Judiciary Committee2013.03.12: Basketball Superstar Michael Jordan Should Consider Entering Into a Prenuptial Agreement Before Marrying in Palm Beach County2013.03.04: House Bill 231 Seeks to End Permanent Alimony in Florida2012.07.02: Dwyane Wade Child Custody Case Highlights the Importance of Written Custody Agreements2012.03.12: Frequently Asked Family Law Questions: Factors to Consider When Hiring a Miami Divorce Attorney
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