Celebrity Divorce: Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux

It seems like every time someone turns on the news there is another celebrity couple that is going through some sort of a separation or a divorce. While this news may seem commonplace, it is important for people to understand that no matter how common divorce may seem, it is always a complicated and difficult matter. One of the most recent high-profile couples to go through a separation or a divorce is Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux, who announced that they had mutually agreed to go their separate ways sometime towards the end of last year. There are a number of complicated divorce issues that families going through a divorce should think about.

Spending Time Apart for a While

Journalists have reported that the couple had been spending time separated for a while. While they had been married several years ago, they were often apart for career interests, personal matters, or otherwise. This was one of the many signals that the marriage may not last. Justin was often spending time in NYC and he had been busy filming for a new movie. When he wasn't present for Anniston's birthday celebration, located in beautiful Malibu, this was a strong signal that something was going on.

While this seems indicative of celebrity life, it's something that all couple should take note: spending time together is important for your marriage.

Division of Financial Assets

When a couple decides to go through a divorce, dividing financial assets can be a challenge. This is even more difficult when a couple has multiple houses, which is the case for many celebrity couples. First, the property needs to be labeled as either joint or separate. Property that an individual had before entering into marriage is typically considered to be separate; however, when couples join their accounts together, this can be complicated to sort out. The same can be said of debt, which is an anchor that far too many people have today. Retirement accounts, jewelry, houses, and anything of value is included as a financial asset and is subject to division in a divorce.

Ultimately, trying to simplify the process of a divorce can be a difficult task. There are numerous complicated issues related to houses, cars, financial assets, and even children. It is important for everyone to make sure that this process is resolved as fairly and as smoothly as possible. Because of this goal, families should think about speaking with an experienced attorney so that this process is done correctly the first time.

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