How to Comfort Children of a Divorce

Comforting Children

Even the most amicable of divorces is a complicated matter; however, it can be particularly challenging when children are involved. With the numerous legal, financial, and logistical issues that surround a divorce, the well-being of the children can often get lost in the shuffle. Even when the parents are discussing child custody, sometimes, the emotions of the children are overlooked. While a couple going through a divorce may disagree on many issues, both parents only want what is best for their children. What are some of the key ways that parents can comfort their children as the divorce process unfolds?

Remind the Children that the Divorce Isn't Their Fault

Children are often confused when their parents are splitting up and it is possible that the children may think that they've done something wrong. It is important for parents to step in and remind the children that the divorce is not their fault. Kids who blame themselves may sink into a depression and lose focus on their school, sports, and social life. Ensure that they understand that they haven't done anything wrong and that their parents still love them. This will help them get through the situation unscathed.

Think About Age-Appropriate Conversations

Kids of all ages can be a part of the divorce and it is important for parents to tailor the conversations that they have with their children around their developmental age. While a child in elementary school may not be able to fully process what is going on, a teenager is better equipped mentally to process the various facets of a divorce. They may even be able to voice their own opinion and help the process move smoothly. Parents should try not to ignore the issue; however, they also need to think carefully about how best to explain what is going on to their children.

Children Need a Safe Haven

While the divorce is playing out, it is important for parents to find a safe place where children can take a break from everything that is going on. This may be the house of a grandparent, cousin, or even a close friend. This should be a place where kids can be kids instead of worrying about what is happening to their family. This is also a great way to ensure that the lives of the children don't come to a stop socially while the divorce plays out.

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