Important Issues to Think About: Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Divorce

One of the hit movies from the summer was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. While the sequel has done just as well as the original, many fans of Chris Pratt were saddened to hear that he has recently been divorced from Anna Faris. Even the friendliest of divorces can have significant issues that need to be addressed, Pratt and Faris being no exception. Learning lessons from this divorce may help you find post-divorce happiness and success.

1. There is More to Life

One of the first tips that people need to remember is that there is more to life. While marriage is very important, one of the ways that people can find happiness even after a marriage ends is to focus on the other areas of life that bring people happiness, and the public lives of famous people shows that point. Whether it's through career or other interests. Of course, it's important not to use either as escape either, it's a tricky balance.

2. Do Not Stay Together for the Kids

Couples may contemplate staying in a happy marriage because they believe that will benefit their children. However, it is not always best for the children for their parents to stay married when it is clear their parents are unhappy. Parents may not realize how much their children understand and pick up and subtilties, even when they believe they are arguing only in private and making it seem like there are no marital problems in front of the children. Since children normally will realize that their parents’ marriage is not a happy one, it is often times in the children’s best interests for the couple to proceed with a divorce if it means the parties will be happier because the children are likely to pick up on that happiness.

3. Keep it Private

Couples considering divorce may want to enter into a Marital Settlement Agreement resolving all financial issues involved in a dissolution of marriage, as well as all issues relating to children of the marriage, if any. By entering into such an agreement with little to no court involvement, a couple can keep the details of their marriage, their financial situation and any other personal information private. This is the case because very few documents would be required to be filed with the court. Any document filed with the court becomes public record. While this is certainly important to many celebrity couples, keeping such personal information private is appealing to everyone.

4. Friends are There for Support

When the going gets tough, do not5 be afraid to ask for help. Friends are there to support you in time of need and a divorce can be an emotionally trying time. Talk to friends about issues that might be going through the mind. Go out and try and do something together. Laugh, cry, pray, and do whatever is necessary to find happiness on the other side of a divorce. Possibly, some of those friends have gone through a divorce themselves. They may be able to offer some valuable insight.

5. There are Others Out There

Finally, remember that plenty of people who get divorced will also get remarried. Just because one marriage ends does not mean that another one will never happen. Do not be nervous about getting back into the dating game and looking for someone else. There are plenty of people who have been single their whole life or have been married in the past who are looking for the same thing. Furthermore, never feel like a divorce is some sort of baggage that needs to be hidden. The right person will be understanding and unafraid of that past.

6. Always Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

When a celebrity couple like Chris Pratt and Ana Farris divorce, many people cannot help but wonder if they had entered into a prenuptial agreement. However, prenuptial agreements are not only for the rich and famous. Non-celebrity couples should also consider entering into a prenuptial agreement to protect their assets and earned income during the marriage.

Everyone should consult with an experienced family attorney whether they are considering marriage or divorce, to get educated and properly plan for either event with the guidance and advice of a professional.

Article updated September 30, 2020.

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