Keep the Other Parent Involved in a Divorce

When a couple goes through a divorce, the challenges are immense. It can be tough to evenly divide up property, financial assets, and friends; however, the challenges are taken to a new level when there are children involved. Usually, one parent winds up as the chief custodian of the kids while the other parent receives visitation rights from time to time. It can be tempting to tell the kids that the other parent was the cause of the divorce; however, parents shouldn't raise their kids to dislike the other parent. In fact, it is important to keep the other parent involved as much as possible.

Kids Love Their Parents

Remember that kids unconditionally love their parents. They love both of their parents. Their parents are a part of their DNA. If one of the parents starts talking negatively about the other parent, children can become hurt emotionally and psychologically. Younger children don't have the mental capacity to put up a defense against alienating one of the other parents and could wind up disliking both of their parents. Kids should be raised to understand that divorces happen sometimes and it doesn't mean the other parent is a bad person.

Parents Need Another Person to Bounce Ideas Off Of

One of the advantages of having two parents around is that there is someone else to bounce ideas off of. Raising children is a challenge and is even harder to do alone. Just as in other areas of life, parents have their strengths and weaknesses as well. The advantage of having two parents involved is that they can capitalize on their strengths and help to cover certain areas of weakness. Take advantage of this by keeping the other parent involved.

It can be Tempting to Use the Kids as a Bargaining Chip

Worst of all, some parents will try to use their kids as a bargaining chip when it comes to visitation rights. Never try to deny the other parent visitation as a way to force their hand. First, this is illegal because it is a violation of the court-ordered visitation agreement. Second, it could raise the kids to hate the other parent or it could cause the other parent to resent their children. This is not the way to keep the other parent involved. Always try to honor the custodial arrangement at all costs.
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