Qualities to Look For in a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce has become as prevalent in society as marriage. While some divorces end amicably, everyone involved in a divorce should hire a divorce lawyer to help ensure that the process resolves itself in a smooth and fair manner; however, many people don't have any experience with the legal system and are wondering what kinds of qualities to look for in a divorce lawyer.

What is Their Experience?

The first question anyone should ask themselves is about the experience of any potential attorney. Experience is an invaluable asset because the longer an attorney has been practicing, the more cases they have seen. This means that they have been exposed to many of the challenges and roadblocks that new attorneys haven't seen yet. An experienced lawyer knows what is coming and will be able to circumvent any issues before they come up. Furthermore, an experienced attorney has worked with a variety of clients and knows how to lead their clients to a satisfactory conclusion.

How Well Do They Communicate?

While the legal knowledge and expertise of an attorney is a vital asset, this expertise may not be helpful if they cannot communicate with their clients in a manner that they can understand. After all, the attorney works for the client and the attorney must adequately understand both the goals of their client and how to reach this conclusion. The ability to simplify complex legal jargon and boil down the terminology in a way that their client can understand is a vital part of the legal divorce process. The client and attorney work together as part of a team and communication within this team is important.

Is the Attorney Available?

The availability of the attorney is an important factor. It's not unusual to find lawyers who bury themselves in so many cases that they don't have the appropriate amount of time or energy to spend with each individual case. Having a large caseload divides the attorney's attention and they may miss factors that are important parts of some of their cases. Furthermore, an attorney needs to be available to answer the questions of their client. If an attorney isn't available to answer questions, they may be too busy to provide adequate counseling to their clients.

How Has Their Past Performance Been?

It is always important to explore the prior track record of an attorney before hiring them. How have their prior results been? Have they been earning reasonable verdicts on their prior cases? In addition, ask the attorney for a list of references and contact those people. Ask about the working relationship with the attorney and whether or not they would recommend working with that person. Finally, ask about the attorney's relationship with the judges on the bench. The judge plays an important role in the divorce process and having an attorney with a favorable relationship with the judge could be a key advantage.
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