Thinking About Self-Representation in Court?

Self-Representation in Court

Most people understand that the process of going to court can be expensive. It can place families under a significant amount of stress and they might be wondering if they can make ends meet with the court case. To save money, some people will try to represent themselves in court. They think that by avoiding the process of hiring an attorney that they can save money and, potentially, time as well. Unfortunately, there are problems that come with representing oneself in court. There are a few circumstances that come with self-representation that people should keep in mind.

The Mistakes

People should understand that lawyers have gone through an extensive amount of training to be able to handle these types of problems quickly and efficiently. They have attended law school and spend the majority of every day with the legal system. As an average person without this training, individuals are prone to making mistakes that could be time-consuming. Then, after this, they could end up paying extra money to try and fix these problems. Examples of common mistakes that people make include:

Child Support Disclosures: Child support issues are some of the most common reasons that people go to court. When this amount is calculated, it is important for both parents to disclose their monthly income to the court. If the amount is not correct or the parents need to alter the amount that they disclosed, this paperwork could be rejected. Sometimes, parents do not realize that their paperwork was rejected. This leaves them sitting in purgatory, wondering where their paperwork went. This can waste a lot of time.

Not Reviewing All Filed Documents: An attorney often receives a notification any time a document is filed regarding one of their cases. Many times, individuals representing themselves do not receive these notifications. They might not realize that something has been filed regarding one of their cases that needs to be reviewed. Failure to review a document that might be pertinent to a case can be costly.

Emotions: Many people don't realize the many cogs and gears that have to turn with the legal system. They can get frustrated with how long this process lasts. Sometimes, people lose their temper with the judge. It is important to remain calm and realize that getting angry at the person making the decision is not going to be helpful. Attorneys understand this process and are more likely to remain calm in the face of adverse circumstances.

These are only a couple of the many different mistakes that people often make while trying to represent themselves in court. It is important to meet with an experienced attorney to discuss any court case before making a decision regarding representation.

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